Trim Options

Our most popular trim options are shown below. Let us know if you're looking for any other option not shown.

Crown Molding

Most often used where walls and ceiling meet. Crown molding gives the room a finished look, besides adding a pleasant transition from one surface to the other.



The trim that goes around most windows and doors and is used to seal gaps between the window, door jambs and the walls. It also gives the opening a decorative finished look.

[Casing] [Casing]

Base Board

Applied where floor and walls meet, forming a visual foundation. Protect walls from kicks and bumps, furniture and cleaning tools. Base may be referred to as one, two or three member. The base shoe and bite cap are used to conceal uneven floor and wall junctions

[Base Board]

Chair Rail

An interior molding usually applied about one third the distance from the floor, paralleling the base molding and encircling the perimeter of a room. Originally used to prevent chairs from marring walls. Use today is as a decorative element or a divider between different wall covering such as wallpaper and paint or wainscoting.

[Chair Rail]

Dentil Mold


Door Stop, Panel Mold, Window Mull and Transition Mold

[Door Panel etc.]

Plinths, Rosettes, Window Stool, Landing Tread, Blocks and narrow moldings

[Plints, etc.]

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